It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's officially December! Wow this year has really flown by. After following the lead of my darling boyfriend I decided to start a blog. Don't worry Rand I'll link you later.

Toronto is a whole new adventure for me and I want to share it with everyone. The name  of course comes from my obsession with anything polka dotted and because I love to smile.

So how exactly do I start a blog? How about my day... What better way to start December than snow? Okay it was probably less than a centimeter but it's something right? I'm not a huge snow lover, not at all, but today I was feeling the love.

It's Toronto, of course the snow is a little dirty.

Then it was off for some shopping at the Eaton's Centre! As usual the mall is decked out in holiday spirit and as usual I was not so successful. I'm the pickiest shopper and very rarely find what I'm looking for.

More details on what I bought later...I definitely need some fashion advice for my perfect Christmas party outfit.

So this is it.. I'm a beginner but with practice this will get better, I promise!

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