How NOT to train for a 5k

Don’t train at all.


I’m amazing at this and could seriously write a whole post full of tips, but let’s be real here folks, training for a 5k is necessary and if you’re planning on running one you really should train. That being said, I have a 5k on Saturday and I have ran all of 5k straight in my life, and that was this week. Well that’s somewhat of a lie - I did the warrior dash last year which was also 5k but that’s something else entirely. Keep posted for July when the Warrior Dash swings around again and I most likely explain my lack of training for this as well. I have never been a runner but for some reason, beyond any explanation I can understand, I signed up for TWO 5ks in the span of one week. Makes sense right?

My first 5k training run went surprisingly well considering my lack of running experience. As a newbie, I didn’t stretch but I’ve learned my lesson on that. Great route and some great beats later, below are my stats according to Nike +.


Not bad for my first real run but I need to learn not to give up near the end. I blame it on the hill leading up to my condo, it was just so intimidating!

My 2nd attempt is tomorrow then the big run on Saturday. Wish me luck!


Planks? No problem! Ha.

Let me tell you a little story about my childhood, more specifically my gym class experience. In high school we had a whole lot of fitness tests which is of course why I didn’t make it all the way to grade 12. All of the tests with much practice I actually became good at except the beep test because as I often express, I hate running. I was awesome at the pushups, the sit ups and the plank. I would even get over 100% on the finals and back then thought nothing of it. Weird thing is, I was no fitness guru back then and definitely won’t claim to be now.

This brings me to my point… I suck at these things now! I had Bikini Bootcamp on Sunday and I couldn’t even plank for 1 minute. How sad is that guys? I’m so disgusted with this lack of core strength that I have made it my goal to build up my plank time. This is a great idea because A) I can avoid looking so silly  and not lay flat on my face after 10 seconds and B) why not work on my abs right? I saw a beauty of a schedule on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a try. Below is my take on the 30 day plank challenge.

plank chalenge

So what do you think? Do-able? I sure hope so. Fingers crossed!!

On a side note – I really should be training for my 5k. I started today but I sure hope one day I’ll learn to focus on one thing at a time. Until then…


“What!? No baseball?” Kinda Weekend

Being a Season Ticket Holder is hard work! It means majority of our weekends this summer are consumed with days at the ballpark cheering our team on. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but boy is it nice to have a weekend off every once in a while. This weekend the Jays were off in San Diego (losing again – 2/3) so we were able to make some plans that didn’t involve hot dogs, plastic seats, and boys in tight pants. The latter part was greatly missed but I did watch a few innings on TV to get my fix.

With a free weekend ahead I did what any good daughter would do, I went to visit my parents. Moving away from home I promised them I’d make an effort to visit and it’s really not a promise that’s hard to keep. When I have free time I want to go home and see them. Free loving and free food, does it get any better? No way! As expected we were spoiled as always and had a great evening. My mom may have wanted to kill us all with our Candy Crush competitions but it was still awesome. Steak, veggies, and a to-die-for chocolate cake later and my diet is once again shot. Oh and the massive chocolate bar I packed to bring home – yeah that’s gone already. Whoops.

With a free weekend also comes many errands. We were so busy last weekend we didn’t even go grocery shopping so our pantry and fridge were extremely lacking. So lacking that all I could put together was cheese and crackers, yeah, that’s struggles. So Sunday consisted of grocery shopping, a Swiss Chalet lunch, and a few other stops here and there. We’re all stocked up again and I couldn’t be happier.

Now, let me introduce to you my new obsession, thanks to my lovely friend…


I know I’m a little behind the times and this app has been around for a while but I absolutely love it. With such a busy schedule I don’t always get to keep in touch with my besties as much as I would like but I’ve already warned them that this app is going to change that. Play by plays of my life are now the norm for my ladies, until I get bored or they kill me that is.

Yesterday I snap-chatted (oh no, I did not just turn that into a verb) my trip to the gym, my swiss chalet lunch, some grocery shopping, the horrible rain outside, the time it got sunny after the rain…etc etc. If you want a play by play of my life add me but be warned, it ain’t pretty.

Overall it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend before the storm that will be the week ahead. T-minus 1 week until my PPAC exam. Save me!

Happy Monday Friends! =)