No Bloom for my Spring Bucket List

So remember that bucket list I made at the beginning of Spring? Well… about that….

It FAILED! Completely. As in, not one single item on the list complete. Let’s recap:


( ) Spring clean

( ) Go for a run along Lakeshore

( ) Take lots of pictures of the pretty spring colours

( ) Go strawberry picking

( ) Go to the drive in

( ) Decorate (well overdue)

(x) Enjoy a whole lot of baseball!

Okay so I was wrong - I’ve completed one of the items, but really is that just sad or what? I guess you could say I did a spring clean when I pulled out my summer dresses  but that quickly went to waste. I’m a messy gal, a very very messy gal. The boyfriend can vouch for this – unfortunately for him. As for all the other “springy” activities? They sound fantastic, but my busy schedule got in the way.

So my goal? Since I hate being a failure, I want to hit at LEAST one of the other items on this list this week. Spring clean? No way but a run along the Lakeshore sounds just dandy. So dandy (don’t ask where this word came from) in fact that I may have purchased a new ipod as an excuse to take up this new … hobby? Okay, let’s get real, I hate running but the ipod was just so pretty and multi-functional.

Anyways…Wish me luck!!

P.S. Did anyone else have a failure of a bucket list like me? Please tell me I’m not the only one.


Nailed it…or not

I have never been a big nail polish user but as of late I’ve become kind of obsessed. It started with some blue for the baseball game and has grown into a new and flourishing love. Lucky for me I have a bunch of nail polish already and haven’t had to spend a fortune to feed this new addiction. This has also given me the chance to figure out which brands work for me and which are a no go. As a beginner nail painter I look for the brand with a brush that leaves the least amount of errors, since for me there will ALWAYS be some. Here’s my verdict, in no specific order, from the last  month or so:

1. Rimmel – Lasting Finish Pro

Pros: Goes on easily and the colour turned out amazing. I could easily do just one coat and be good to go but two coats worked best.

Cons: The brush is massive and made the application a bit too drippy. With so much polish it also meant a longer drying time.

2. Revlon

Pros: Perfect brush size! This is my absolute favourite type of nail polish and I always end up going back. It dries quickly and during the summer usually has scented tones, how cool is that!?

Cons: I love this one and can’t think of anything bad to say except sometimes they are a little pricey so it’s best to get them when they go on sale.

3.  Essie

Pros: The colours are always super cute and have cute names to go along with them. The brush size is fairly average so it’s definitely a keeper.

Cons: I did have issues with it being a little drippy but maybe that’s my beginner skills

Overall as cute as all of these polishes are I think shellac is my fav! I’m a nail chipping pro.

What’s your favourite polish?


Weekend Shenanigans

If I could summarize this weekend in one word it would be “Wow”. This weekend took my breath away and I could not be more excited to share it with y’all.

Saturday we got to share a very special day with two lovely friends of mine. I cannot explain how beautiful the day and how insanely fun the night was. Minus me getting oil on my dress (so typical) it was honestly flawless. This was the first wedding I’ve attended where a close friend of mine was getting married which is super exciting and kind of scary at the same time. Seems the weddings will only pick up from here so who’s next?

Congrats to the amazing couple!

Sunday after a very hungover morning we headed over to the Dome for the Jays season ticket holder appreciation event. With high hopes of meeting all my favs I knew that no hangover was gonna hold me back. The question really was who I would attack first but the event made that easy for me. In pairs or groups the players had designated line ups and two waves of an hour each. With the amount of season ticket holders this year that made it virtually impossible to hit all the players we wanted. Disappointing but understanding as well. Signing for more than an hour would definitely cause some major hand cramping and we don’t need any more injuries! (Ex. Brett Lawrie ankle sprain tonight – yikes!)

Key moments of the event:

  • My boyfriend got to meet his baseball love Brandon Morrow. It was short but sweet. Oh and side note – he’s a cutie!
  • JP Arencibia was such a sweetheart and not to mention even cuter in person! He smiled and chatted with everyone he met and even stayed back a few minutes extra to finish off his line. We asked him where the country music is at so we’re hoping for a return sometime soon. Some more Luke Bryan perhaps? Fingers crossed!
  • My absolute favourite moment of the night was talking to Jose Reyes. This man is the most positive baseball player I have ever seen and I was so bummed when his line up was too long to get to meet him. Instead I ran up to take a picture and he smiled just for me! I made sure to let him know just how much I love his attitude and walked away beaming from ear to ear. #1 favourite for sure!


I love this team! May has been much better for the Jays so far and hopefully it’s just up from here. Go Jays Go!


Four Favourites



I have been dying to do this link up and I’m so excited about it! Every Wednesday both Kristin and Ashlyn share their four favourites of the week. I decided to do the same – polka dot style. I absolutely love all four of these items and would like to remind you all my birthday is only in a few months ;) Just kidding…but seriously, how cute are these!? I know for sure the Victoria Secret suit will be bought sometime this month because it’s spent a whole year on my wish list and is LONG overdue.

Shorts/Phone Case/Shoes/Bikini

Four Favorites Linkup


Apps-olutely Addicting

Like any human being (or animal?) these days, I am just a tad bit obsessed with my phone. But hello technology, with the amazing selection of Apps out there how could I not be? Here is the list of my Top 10 apps I use and why I love them.

1/2/3. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: Essential for my social networking needs. These apps keep me in the know.

4. My Fitness Pal: When I’m not being lazy this app makes my fitness goals completely obtainable. It’s with this app that I was able to lose some weight (until I got lazy again that is).

5/6. Pinterest/Wanelo: The cure to my lack of creativity – people find ideas and products for me…Genius!

7. Songza: Perfect for getting ready, cleaning, cooking or any task that may get boring real fast. Dance parties ensue.

8. The Weather Network: Checked daily with hopes of winter being over. It is May after all.

9. The Score Mobile: Usually used to see when my Toronto teams are losing, so basically all the time… sorry for the pessimism folks but it’s often a rough ride being a Toronto fan.

10. Candy Crush Saga: My recent game addiction. Try and stop me – no really please do, it’s getting ridiculous!

What are your app recommendations?


From North to South, but only a little

This past weekend we took a little trip down south. A trip that literally took maybe 15 minutes to complete but still put us in a totally different country with a totally different way of life. Okay, maybe that’s a little drastic but wow are there some differences when you cross that border. Here’s a little recap of my tourist-y visit to Niagara Falls, New York.

1. Outlet Shopping

I love me some good deals so the first stop on our trip had to be the outlet mall. I was in search of some very specific items so I had my hopes high but I failed on those completely. Typical of me but oh well. I still found some goodies and my favourite purchase is 100% these beautiful Nike Frees 7.0. These will be my new gym shoes and my old Frees will be used for outdoor running. Yay for getting fit!


2. Olive Garden

When deciding where to go for lunch it was essential we hit up an American restaurant. Sure I could have had my favourite Wendy’s or some Buffalo Wild Wings but these are things I can get in Canada anytime. To make the trip a true experience, Olive Garden was the perfect fit. In the end the breadsticks were too salty, the lettuce not completely fresh, and the three jumbo sausages in my meal were a bit too much so maybe I would have been better off with my usual go-tos. Yay for trying new (well not completely new since this is my 2nd time) things?


3. Walmart

A trip to the States would not be complete without a trip to Walmart. The deals are fantastic and the people even more mind-blowing. You know those Youtube videos that show crazy people in Walmart? Yeah I could probably have added a few more today. Now more about those deals… I was completely hooked on the alcohol section! Frozen drink mixes for $1.97!? Yes please! I also picked up the Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita in a tall boy can to give it a try. Interesting note – a tall boy can is humongous over there so it’s quite possible I may get drunk off of just one. Lots of groceries also made this trip worthwhile and I can’t wait to try out some of the “unique” items we picked up.


(This is actually at Wagmans but Walmart had the same sort of selection)

Overall as “different” as the States can be, I really enjoyed my time across the border. With country music & great alcohol I could almost see myself fitting in… but I love Canada too much!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend as much as I did! =)