Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Moving out on our own I had every intention to try new recipes all the time. Why I would think this when I’ve never really enjoyed cooking? I don’t know. However in my head the crock pot was supposed to be my best friend and so far the relationship has hardly blossomed into acquaintances. Some bonding is well overdue… but instead, and I blame it on my friend having a birthday, I made some cupcakes!

My lovely friend at work was having a birthday (apparently this happens yearly) and she deserved something special for her special day. I planned on making some cake pops but the ingredients were going to put a hole in my wallet and I wasn’t feeling it. Then I remembered a cake I saw on Pinterest and with a little  for a bite sized version here we have it.



1. Mix all the ingredient in a bowl and stir. It’ll be a little thicker than a normal cupcake mix but don’t be alarmed, this is normal!

2. Pour into cupcake holders and bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.

3. Ice if you would like to… I obviously chose this option

Yes it’s that easy! This time easy paid off and I’m loving it. They didn’t taste all like orange creamsicles but they did taste delicious. Not my favourite of all cupcakes but definitely still re-make potential.

Try these babies out! You’ll love them =)

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The blogging world thus far

As I’m sure you can all very well tell I am new to this. I’ve been reading blogs for months now and I am addicted. I only wish that I too could write as well as these girls I admire but where do I start?

I’ve found coming up with creative ideas is much harder than I thought. Being a blog reader I know how important it is to keep the content coming or else readers will get bored. I’m trying my hardest at this and hope I can improve with practice. Pinterest is my inspiration here.

My number one concern at the moment? How to make my blog prettier! I’ve been looking for a decently priced layout for a few days now but I just can’t settle. If anyone knows anything good for a beginner it would be greatly appreciated.

My blogging life is only just beginning. Any advice???


Pass me the remote

I hate to say watching TV is one of my hobbies because it makes me sound lazy. Then I really think about it and I realize I’m not alone. Maybe hobby is the wrong word for it but we love watching TV in our household. For this reason I thought I should share some of the recent hits that we can’t get enough of.

Our nights always start with a little news and Prime Time Sports. It’s good to know what’s going on around us and Bob McCowan is such a joker. Then it's time for TV on Demand and one of the following

The Bachelor
I am so grateful I have a boyfriend who actually enjoys watching this with me. Whoops sorry babe for spilling your secret. The drama is addictive and Sean isn’t too sore on the eyes. Only thing that drives me crazy is these 2 hour episodes. Being busy bees as we are it usually takes up most of our evening and drags on a little too long. Just get to the roses already!

Chicago Fire
Love love loveee this show! This is my biggest recommendation to anyone reading right now. The storyline is so intriguing and the eye candy is a HUGE plus. I can’t get enough of this show. Now I’m just hoping it sticks around since it is only their first season.

Criminal Minds
Big fan of this show. I only just got into it but it's got a bit of everything. Shemar Moore is definitely the highlight for me though. He can handcuff me any day!

I love country music so this show fits right in. It kind of reminds me of Country Strong but the plot isn’t really the same.  It keeps me entertained and the tunes have made their way to my ipod. Another show I hope makes it to another season.

Lately we’ve also been watching the O.C. seasons from the start when we have nothing on demand.  Some classic Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen? Hell ya!

Then Randy is off to bed and it’s time for the following.

Shows Only I watch: New girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Modern Family, & How I met your mother.

So call me lazy but I love TV.


"Dunkaroo Dip"

When was the last time you had dunkaroos? It was probably last month on my end but it’s not uncommon for our pantry to be full of fun snacks. I do try to throw in some fruit and veggies here and there but can you really blame me for reaching for the Dora snacks instead? My favourite right now is Fruit Loop number snacks. Fruity, fun, and educational – how could I resist? ANYWAYS… when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I was intrigued and wanted to share the youth. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity and BAM! Girl’s night =)

My own take on a few different versions of this recipe

1 box of Funfetti Cake Mix
2 cups yogurt
1 cup of Cool Whip
Bag of Arrowroot Animal Cookies

Directions: Mix the above and put in the fridge until ready to eat

So there was absolutely no way I could mess this recipe up but still it didn’t get the rave reviews I had hoped for. This was, as it was advertised; a healthy version of dunkaroos. It wasn’t bad, and definitely better than my last recipe attempt, but the yogurt took over a little more than I had hoped for. I like yogurt but it doesn’t really scream fun. It also doesn’t resemble dunkaroo dip.

Try this out! My advice would be to use a little less yogurt and a little more Cool Whip. It may take away some of the healthiness but Cool Whip is low in calories so it’s worth a shot.

Childhood snacks for the win!


Friends, Booze, Dancing & Hockey

I adore my friends. Although we don’t see each other all the time, when we do it is always a blast. Mix in a little alcohol, a lot of laughing, and a boy’s night going on simultaneously and I’m over the moon.  

With the NHL back there was no doubt the boys would be gathering, but it was a pleasant surprise to have them over at our place. I always try and plan get togethers and it never works out. I personally think I would host the most fabulous parties but everyone’s always busy and my Pinterest ideas go to waste. New plan – never plan, it’ll just come to you. Just what I’ve always wanted!

Now I won’t lie and say I supported the Leafs to my fullest potential. I was busy chatting, going out for dinner, and preparing girly drinks (that even the boys enjoyed). Hey, it’s not every day I get to see my friends. I didn't even know the score until a friendly homeless man on the way to the bar filled us in. Who needs the news these days? Oh big city life.

I could go on forever with how wonderful this weekend was but really words can never explain it. Sounds like it was life changing but really it was just well overdue. 

Happy (Blue) Monday Y’all 


Fifty Shades of Disappointment

It’s not rare that I get all pumped up for something because of its rave reviews. Seems I’m easily influenced, so if someone says it’s great then I’m willing to give it a try. Movies, books, you name it and I’ll probably try it if you tell me it’s worth it (food excluded – I’m an extremely picky eater!).  Fifty Shades of Grey? No different. After hearing so much about it and being an avid Cosmopolitan reader I wanted in on this craze. And in I jumped…

I was intrigued, then I was bored, and then back to somewhat interested, back to bored… well you get the picture. I wanted to love this book, I really did, but it wasn’t all I thought it would be, I even skipped a few pages because they dragged on forever. If that’s not an indication of a bad book I don’t know what is. Now before people get mad, because I know there are a LOT of fans out there, this is clearly just my opinion. Everyone has their own “type” when it comes to books and maybe this wasn’t what I had in mind. I’m a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and recently got into Nora Roberts…Yep I’m a girl who loves her romance. Fifty shades is not so much about romance, it is more raw dirty sex. I knew this before I read it, since basically all news channels called it porn for women, but by the second time they were going at it, I was bored. Didn't they just do that last chapter? Yawn! And I swear I'm not a prude!

I can't say Fifty Shades of Grey was all bad though. The end even intrigued me enough to consider buying the second book but there is still a bit of hesitation. On the other hand everyone deserves a second chance right? If I do decide to buy it, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyways enough about my thoughts, what’s your verdict?


Cooking Sensation (not quite)

So I may have said I hate cooking last post, well I never said I don't try. My cooking inspiration? My always eager boyfriend. He cooks up all kinds of goodies so I figured it's my turn to step it up.

Cue : Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower by Skinny Taste

First off I must tell you that I absolutely love this blog! There are so many great HEALTHY ideas. Definitely follow worthy if you're looking for some great recipes. Don't get me wrong I love the things my boyfriend cooks up but they are usually not quite diet friendly. I try and at least hit that category (since quality isn't always my forte).

These babies looked delicious and a great way to bring in some veggies. With my country tunes in stow I started prepping...

And then I waited, completely starving as I had every intention of eating a ton of this for lunch. And then recipe complete.

Looks appetizing right? They weren't too bad but not something I'd include in my meal plan often. Although I'm a huge hot sauce fan I found the batter all leaked to the bottom so when biting into that, well, it was kind of gross. Again this is most likely my lack of cooking ability so I suggest you try it and let me know how it goes. My boyfriend liked them so maybe it's just me. Only suggestion from him is to coat them better . Warning: Your mouth will be on firee if you do this.

And after all that hard work it was time for some couch time. Me, The Sims, and my P-jams.

Try out the recipe and let me know what you think =)


Date Night!

I hate cooking.... well I don't really hate it as much as I am far too lazy to do it. On occasion I get these urges to try something new and I was all about the idea of a crock pot, but when it comes to actually doing it I am the worst! So after a long week at work for both of us there was no way I was cooking tonight.

DATE NIGHT! For Christmas Randy got me a gift card to The Old Spaghetti Factory and I thought it was about time we use it. Every time we go to the market I've seen the sign and it seemed my kinda place. I may be British but I have the tastebuds of an Italian. Makes sense that I fell in love with one. Anyways...being so busy it's not always easy to get to catch up with each other so the weekends are key for us. No better way to start off the weekend than a dinner of my favourite food.

My review: Although it was delicious I found myself comparing it to East Side Mario's. As anyone who knows me knows I am an East Side's fanatic and can eat loaves of that bread on my own (and often do). Anytime I go there, my diet is shot. Although lets be realistic, my diet is shot at least 2/7 days a week. (Note to self: I should probably work on that). The Old Spaghetti Factory was no different but if I had to choose, I'd still choose East Sides every time. 

My Summary: Good food, great service and of course amazing company.

Overall fantastic night but I am stuffed! Even with leftovers we ate way too much. Time for a good old relaxing night on the couch. Couldn't move even if I wanted to.

Night Y'all