Mission Accepted

It's Monday tomorrow and you know what that means... false expectations that tomorrow will be a fresh start. That suddenly I won't crave pizza or pasta and that I will be immediately changed. It's a weekly thought, but it's yet to work.

I am currently on the Weight Watchers plan, and I stick to those points like they are Velcro. But low and behold something comes up, whether it be work, drinks with friends, or just my lack of will power. By Wednesday, I've usually gone back to my old ways.

So here I am...pledging to change my ways once again, but this time publicly. We all struggle but instead of complaining about it, we should help each other. Instead of using work travels or drinks with friends as an excuse for going off track, I'm going to find ways through it. What healthy options are there? How can we all make better choices?

Cheers to false expectations, and turning them into reality, no matter how unlikely they may seem.

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