Booty Booty Swivel Swivel

If you’re a Tone it Up (TIU) girl, you know that one of the main reasons we love K&K is because they make our workouts fun. Hey they probably even help us develop those abs a little bit further with just their jokes alone. Laughing during a plank? It has to be productive right?

I am officially complete Day 2 of the Bikini Series and I can honestly say it feels good to be back to the TIU program. I strayed for a while, and I have to admit I even cheated with a few other workout programs along the way. At heart I will always be a TIU girl.

Summary of my day:

I spent most of my day in the Ottawa area for work. Travelling for work is tricky when it comes to workouts and food, but it’s all about training your mind to avoid temptation.

Booty Call (at 5:45 am…yuck): Booty workout from Beach Babe 4

M1: Cora’s for breakfast – Toast, fruit and a few breakfast potatoes

M3: Cheese, crackers, carrots, and dip – we were at a conference so it was limited options for healthiness

M5: Small ceaser salad and shared plate of fries

PMWO: 1.5 miles (20 min on treadmill) + new TIU workout

As you can see there’s quite a bit of room for improvement with my eating. I could make up a million and one excuses but I really just need to keep working towards my healthy lifestyle.

With that being said I am really a TIU girl for life… any one care to join me?

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