How NOT to train for a 5k

Don’t train at all.


I’m amazing at this and could seriously write a whole post full of tips, but let’s be real here folks, training for a 5k is necessary and if you’re planning on running one you really should train. That being said, I have a 5k on Saturday and I have ran all of 5k straight in my life, and that was this week. Well that’s somewhat of a lie - I did the warrior dash last year which was also 5k but that’s something else entirely. Keep posted for July when the Warrior Dash swings around again and I most likely explain my lack of training for this as well. I have never been a runner but for some reason, beyond any explanation I can understand, I signed up for TWO 5ks in the span of one week. Makes sense right?

My first 5k training run went surprisingly well considering my lack of running experience. As a newbie, I didn’t stretch but I’ve learned my lesson on that. Great route and some great beats later, below are my stats according to Nike +.


Not bad for my first real run but I need to learn not to give up near the end. I blame it on the hill leading up to my condo, it was just so intimidating!

My 2nd attempt is tomorrow then the big run on Saturday. Wish me luck!

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