“What!? No baseball?” Kinda Weekend

Being a Season Ticket Holder is hard work! It means majority of our weekends this summer are consumed with days at the ballpark cheering our team on. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but boy is it nice to have a weekend off every once in a while. This weekend the Jays were off in San Diego (losing again – 2/3) so we were able to make some plans that didn’t involve hot dogs, plastic seats, and boys in tight pants. The latter part was greatly missed but I did watch a few innings on TV to get my fix.

With a free weekend ahead I did what any good daughter would do, I went to visit my parents. Moving away from home I promised them I’d make an effort to visit and it’s really not a promise that’s hard to keep. When I have free time I want to go home and see them. Free loving and free food, does it get any better? No way! As expected we were spoiled as always and had a great evening. My mom may have wanted to kill us all with our Candy Crush competitions but it was still awesome. Steak, veggies, and a to-die-for chocolate cake later and my diet is once again shot. Oh and the massive chocolate bar I packed to bring home – yeah that’s gone already. Whoops.

With a free weekend also comes many errands. We were so busy last weekend we didn’t even go grocery shopping so our pantry and fridge were extremely lacking. So lacking that all I could put together was cheese and crackers, yeah, that’s struggles. So Sunday consisted of grocery shopping, a Swiss Chalet lunch, and a few other stops here and there. We’re all stocked up again and I couldn’t be happier.

Now, let me introduce to you my new obsession, thanks to my lovely friend…


I know I’m a little behind the times and this app has been around for a while but I absolutely love it. With such a busy schedule I don’t always get to keep in touch with my besties as much as I would like but I’ve already warned them that this app is going to change that. Play by plays of my life are now the norm for my ladies, until I get bored or they kill me that is.

Yesterday I snap-chatted (oh no, I did not just turn that into a verb) my trip to the gym, my swiss chalet lunch, some grocery shopping, the horrible rain outside, the time it got sunny after the rain…etc etc. If you want a play by play of my life add me but be warned, it ain’t pretty.

Overall it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend before the storm that will be the week ahead. T-minus 1 week until my PPAC exam. Save me!

Happy Monday Friends! =)

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