Planks? No problem! Ha.

Let me tell you a little story about my childhood, more specifically my gym class experience. In high school we had a whole lot of fitness tests which is of course why I didn’t make it all the way to grade 12. All of the tests with much practice I actually became good at except the beep test because as I often express, I hate running. I was awesome at the pushups, the sit ups and the plank. I would even get over 100% on the finals and back then thought nothing of it. Weird thing is, I was no fitness guru back then and definitely won’t claim to be now.

This brings me to my point… I suck at these things now! I had Bikini Bootcamp on Sunday and I couldn’t even plank for 1 minute. How sad is that guys? I’m so disgusted with this lack of core strength that I have made it my goal to build up my plank time. This is a great idea because A) I can avoid looking so silly  and not lay flat on my face after 10 seconds and B) why not work on my abs right? I saw a beauty of a schedule on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a try. Below is my take on the 30 day plank challenge.

plank chalenge

So what do you think? Do-able? I sure hope so. Fingers crossed!!

On a side note – I really should be training for my 5k. I started today but I sure hope one day I’ll learn to focus on one thing at a time. Until then…

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