Fat week.

“Oh well, it’s fat week!” – an excuse a friend and I used to eat exactly what we wanted, when we wanted, all week long. Friends, I suggest you never try this.

My “fat week” began on Tuesday, when a little bit of stress had me thinking of pizza & all types of junk food. I’m a stress eater, there is no doubt about it and this week was no exception. Next came Wednesday, and Thursday, and by Friday those healthy habits I had worked so hard to build were far gone. My body was unimpressed to say the least.

With the Bikini Series (Tone it Up program) in its last week this couldn’t have been any bigger of a fail. I am so so so proud of my fellow tone it uppers who have made amazing progress through the series. As seen in the many before and after pics on Instagram, you ladies look great! I can’t say the before for me is much different than the after but that completely falls on me.

To motivate myself to refresh and start on a new Tone it Up journey, one with no fat weeks & hopefully a lot more willpower, I did what any wise girl would do… I shopped. With the Tone it Up sale on this weekend, I bought myself a sweatshirt, tank top & matching necklaces for me and my TIU bestie. Motivation works better in a team, don’t you think?

Tone it up round two begins tomorrow – meals are prepped and my brain & body are ready. Here’s to second chances and learning from our mistakes <3


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