Lazy sunday

Weekends will forever be the curse of me. Like a burger with two delicious buns sandwiching it perfectly, weekends are sandwiched between two of my favourite things: alcohol and not-so-healthy food.

Spending time with friends is a must on a weekend and being mid-20s, the bar calls our names most the time. I struggle with resisting the things that often go along with this atmosphere and this is something I need to believe I can do. Am I going to give up beer? Hell no! But going into a Friday with the attitude that I’m going to cheat pretty much sets me up for failure. #proven.

After another cheat-filled weekend I woke up today with the realization that this can’t keep happening. This week I will learn how to find balance. If I’m going to drink I most definitely can’t eat so much junk food as well. Cutting back in moderation is the first step!

Today – though motivated by recent lack of motivation – I felt extremely lazy! With crappy weather and a baseball game I really wanted to watch, I decided to turn my laziness into a tiny bit of a workout. Introducing the baseball workout:


Basically every time my team was up to bat I did some kind of mini workout depending on the outcome. As my team was absolutely terrible today I ended up doing mostly burpees, my least favourite of all exercises (damn you Blue Jays).

This workout can absolutely be tweaked to include whichever areas you want to work and however many reps you feel like on that given day. I started low but next time I think I will raise the bar. You could also make another list of exercises for the opposing team to keep your workout going the whole game long. I instead did chores during those half of the innings to maximize my overall efficiency.

So it seems that lazy Sundays can be productive at the same time.

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