When you think of the word research what does it remind you of? For most, it probably brings back memories of late nights, trying to find some useless facts for some random paper that you can’t even remember. I’m all about education, I even work in the field, but research was something that in retrospect, didn’t do much for me. Does it mean it’s a useless skill? Absolutely not!

To this day research is a key part of my life. As a road warrior (yes, my team likes to call ourselves that) I travel frequently for work and need to do research every single day. I research the best route to take to my destination, the destination itself, and most importantly what food I can find nearby.

Now I’m on a bit of an anti-health kick at the moment, otherwise known as kicking my own ass by eating everything I shouldn’t eat. Like every week before, I will instantly regret this decision as soon as I hit the scale. A lot of the mistakes I’m making boil down to a lack of research. I didn’t look at menus in advance, and I went to restaurants I know I like, but also know will not be healthy in the slightest. Goal for next week? Research my meals for the whole week! They say meal prep is a key to success, well  in my case so is research, so excuse me while I find me some goodies that don’t involve chocolate or carb overloads.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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