No Bloom for my Spring Bucket List

So remember that bucket list I made at the beginning of Spring? Well… about that….

It FAILED! Completely. As in, not one single item on the list complete. Let’s recap:


( ) Spring clean

( ) Go for a run along Lakeshore

( ) Take lots of pictures of the pretty spring colours

( ) Go strawberry picking

( ) Go to the drive in

( ) Decorate (well overdue)

(x) Enjoy a whole lot of baseball!

Okay so I was wrong - I’ve completed one of the items, but really is that just sad or what? I guess you could say I did a spring clean when I pulled out my summer dresses  but that quickly went to waste. I’m a messy gal, a very very messy gal. The boyfriend can vouch for this – unfortunately for him. As for all the other “springy” activities? They sound fantastic, but my busy schedule got in the way.

So my goal? Since I hate being a failure, I want to hit at LEAST one of the other items on this list this week. Spring clean? No way but a run along the Lakeshore sounds just dandy. So dandy (don’t ask where this word came from) in fact that I may have purchased a new ipod as an excuse to take up this new … hobby? Okay, let’s get real, I hate running but the ipod was just so pretty and multi-functional.

Anyways…Wish me luck!!

P.S. Did anyone else have a failure of a bucket list like me? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

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