Cooking Sensation (not quite)

So I may have said I hate cooking last post, well I never said I don't try. My cooking inspiration? My always eager boyfriend. He cooks up all kinds of goodies so I figured it's my turn to step it up.

Cue : Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower by Skinny Taste

First off I must tell you that I absolutely love this blog! There are so many great HEALTHY ideas. Definitely follow worthy if you're looking for some great recipes. Don't get me wrong I love the things my boyfriend cooks up but they are usually not quite diet friendly. I try and at least hit that category (since quality isn't always my forte).

These babies looked delicious and a great way to bring in some veggies. With my country tunes in stow I started prepping...

And then I waited, completely starving as I had every intention of eating a ton of this for lunch. And then recipe complete.

Looks appetizing right? They weren't too bad but not something I'd include in my meal plan often. Although I'm a huge hot sauce fan I found the batter all leaked to the bottom so when biting into that, well, it was kind of gross. Again this is most likely my lack of cooking ability so I suggest you try it and let me know how it goes. My boyfriend liked them so maybe it's just me. Only suggestion from him is to coat them better . Warning: Your mouth will be on firee if you do this.

And after all that hard work it was time for some couch time. Me, The Sims, and my P-jams.

Try out the recipe and let me know what you think =)

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