"Dunkaroo Dip"

When was the last time you had dunkaroos? It was probably last month on my end but it’s not uncommon for our pantry to be full of fun snacks. I do try to throw in some fruit and veggies here and there but can you really blame me for reaching for the Dora snacks instead? My favourite right now is Fruit Loop number snacks. Fruity, fun, and educational – how could I resist? ANYWAYS… when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I was intrigued and wanted to share the youth. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity and BAM! Girl’s night =)

My own take on a few different versions of this recipe

1 box of Funfetti Cake Mix
2 cups yogurt
1 cup of Cool Whip
Bag of Arrowroot Animal Cookies

Directions: Mix the above and put in the fridge until ready to eat

So there was absolutely no way I could mess this recipe up but still it didn’t get the rave reviews I had hoped for. This was, as it was advertised; a healthy version of dunkaroos. It wasn’t bad, and definitely better than my last recipe attempt, but the yogurt took over a little more than I had hoped for. I like yogurt but it doesn’t really scream fun. It also doesn’t resemble dunkaroo dip.

Try this out! My advice would be to use a little less yogurt and a little more Cool Whip. It may take away some of the healthiness but Cool Whip is low in calories so it’s worth a shot.

Childhood snacks for the win!

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