Friends, Booze, Dancing & Hockey

I adore my friends. Although we don’t see each other all the time, when we do it is always a blast. Mix in a little alcohol, a lot of laughing, and a boy’s night going on simultaneously and I’m over the moon.  

With the NHL back there was no doubt the boys would be gathering, but it was a pleasant surprise to have them over at our place. I always try and plan get togethers and it never works out. I personally think I would host the most fabulous parties but everyone’s always busy and my Pinterest ideas go to waste. New plan – never plan, it’ll just come to you. Just what I’ve always wanted!

Now I won’t lie and say I supported the Leafs to my fullest potential. I was busy chatting, going out for dinner, and preparing girly drinks (that even the boys enjoyed). Hey, it’s not every day I get to see my friends. I didn't even know the score until a friendly homeless man on the way to the bar filled us in. Who needs the news these days? Oh big city life.

I could go on forever with how wonderful this weekend was but really words can never explain it. Sounds like it was life changing but really it was just well overdue. 

Happy (Blue) Monday Y’all 

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