Pass me the remote

I hate to say watching TV is one of my hobbies because it makes me sound lazy. Then I really think about it and I realize I’m not alone. Maybe hobby is the wrong word for it but we love watching TV in our household. For this reason I thought I should share some of the recent hits that we can’t get enough of.

Our nights always start with a little news and Prime Time Sports. It’s good to know what’s going on around us and Bob McCowan is such a joker. Then it's time for TV on Demand and one of the following

The Bachelor
I am so grateful I have a boyfriend who actually enjoys watching this with me. Whoops sorry babe for spilling your secret. The drama is addictive and Sean isn’t too sore on the eyes. Only thing that drives me crazy is these 2 hour episodes. Being busy bees as we are it usually takes up most of our evening and drags on a little too long. Just get to the roses already!

Chicago Fire
Love love loveee this show! This is my biggest recommendation to anyone reading right now. The storyline is so intriguing and the eye candy is a HUGE plus. I can’t get enough of this show. Now I’m just hoping it sticks around since it is only their first season.

Criminal Minds
Big fan of this show. I only just got into it but it's got a bit of everything. Shemar Moore is definitely the highlight for me though. He can handcuff me any day!

I love country music so this show fits right in. It kind of reminds me of Country Strong but the plot isn’t really the same.  It keeps me entertained and the tunes have made their way to my ipod. Another show I hope makes it to another season.

Lately we’ve also been watching the O.C. seasons from the start when we have nothing on demand.  Some classic Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen? Hell ya!

Then Randy is off to bed and it’s time for the following.

Shows Only I watch: New girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Modern Family, & How I met your mother.

So call me lazy but I love TV.

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