Date Night!

I hate cooking.... well I don't really hate it as much as I am far too lazy to do it. On occasion I get these urges to try something new and I was all about the idea of a crock pot, but when it comes to actually doing it I am the worst! So after a long week at work for both of us there was no way I was cooking tonight.

DATE NIGHT! For Christmas Randy got me a gift card to The Old Spaghetti Factory and I thought it was about time we use it. Every time we go to the market I've seen the sign and it seemed my kinda place. I may be British but I have the tastebuds of an Italian. Makes sense that I fell in love with one. Anyways...being so busy it's not always easy to get to catch up with each other so the weekends are key for us. No better way to start off the weekend than a dinner of my favourite food.

My review: Although it was delicious I found myself comparing it to East Side Mario's. As anyone who knows me knows I am an East Side's fanatic and can eat loaves of that bread on my own (and often do). Anytime I go there, my diet is shot. Although lets be realistic, my diet is shot at least 2/7 days a week. (Note to self: I should probably work on that). The Old Spaghetti Factory was no different but if I had to choose, I'd still choose East Sides every time. 

My Summary: Good food, great service and of course amazing company.

Overall fantastic night but I am stuffed! Even with leftovers we ate way too much. Time for a good old relaxing night on the couch. Couldn't move even if I wanted to.

Night Y'all

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