Nailed it…or not

I have never been a big nail polish user but as of late I’ve become kind of obsessed. It started with some blue for the baseball game and has grown into a new and flourishing love. Lucky for me I have a bunch of nail polish already and haven’t had to spend a fortune to feed this new addiction. This has also given me the chance to figure out which brands work for me and which are a no go. As a beginner nail painter I look for the brand with a brush that leaves the least amount of errors, since for me there will ALWAYS be some. Here’s my verdict, in no specific order, from the last  month or so:

1. Rimmel – Lasting Finish Pro

Pros: Goes on easily and the colour turned out amazing. I could easily do just one coat and be good to go but two coats worked best.

Cons: The brush is massive and made the application a bit too drippy. With so much polish it also meant a longer drying time.

2. Revlon

Pros: Perfect brush size! This is my absolute favourite type of nail polish and I always end up going back. It dries quickly and during the summer usually has scented tones, how cool is that!?

Cons: I love this one and can’t think of anything bad to say except sometimes they are a little pricey so it’s best to get them when they go on sale.

3.  Essie

Pros: The colours are always super cute and have cute names to go along with them. The brush size is fairly average so it’s definitely a keeper.

Cons: I did have issues with it being a little drippy but maybe that’s my beginner skills

Overall as cute as all of these polishes are I think shellac is my fav! I’m a nail chipping pro.

What’s your favourite polish?

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Steph Lau said...

After beginning to blog my polish count went from 10 to 50 in a span of 6 months LOL... I love Essies but they are VERY drippy, sheer, and chip really quickly. I'd say the best formula is probably the indie polishes I have (:

PS thanks for following me via twitter! you have a great blog (: