Weekend Shenanigans

If I could summarize this weekend in one word it would be “Wow”. This weekend took my breath away and I could not be more excited to share it with y’all.

Saturday we got to share a very special day with two lovely friends of mine. I cannot explain how beautiful the day and how insanely fun the night was. Minus me getting oil on my dress (so typical) it was honestly flawless. This was the first wedding I’ve attended where a close friend of mine was getting married which is super exciting and kind of scary at the same time. Seems the weddings will only pick up from here so who’s next?

Congrats to the amazing couple!

Sunday after a very hungover morning we headed over to the Dome for the Jays season ticket holder appreciation event. With high hopes of meeting all my favs I knew that no hangover was gonna hold me back. The question really was who I would attack first but the event made that easy for me. In pairs or groups the players had designated line ups and two waves of an hour each. With the amount of season ticket holders this year that made it virtually impossible to hit all the players we wanted. Disappointing but understanding as well. Signing for more than an hour would definitely cause some major hand cramping and we don’t need any more injuries! (Ex. Brett Lawrie ankle sprain tonight – yikes!)

Key moments of the event:

  • My boyfriend got to meet his baseball love Brandon Morrow. It was short but sweet. Oh and side note – he’s a cutie!
  • JP Arencibia was such a sweetheart and not to mention even cuter in person! He smiled and chatted with everyone he met and even stayed back a few minutes extra to finish off his line. We asked him where the country music is at so we’re hoping for a return sometime soon. Some more Luke Bryan perhaps? Fingers crossed!
  • My absolute favourite moment of the night was talking to Jose Reyes. This man is the most positive baseball player I have ever seen and I was so bummed when his line up was too long to get to meet him. Instead I ran up to take a picture and he smiled just for me! I made sure to let him know just how much I love his attitude and walked away beaming from ear to ear. #1 favourite for sure!


I love this team! May has been much better for the Jays so far and hopefully it’s just up from here. Go Jays Go!

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