From North to South, but only a little

This past weekend we took a little trip down south. A trip that literally took maybe 15 minutes to complete but still put us in a totally different country with a totally different way of life. Okay, maybe that’s a little drastic but wow are there some differences when you cross that border. Here’s a little recap of my tourist-y visit to Niagara Falls, New York.

1. Outlet Shopping

I love me some good deals so the first stop on our trip had to be the outlet mall. I was in search of some very specific items so I had my hopes high but I failed on those completely. Typical of me but oh well. I still found some goodies and my favourite purchase is 100% these beautiful Nike Frees 7.0. These will be my new gym shoes and my old Frees will be used for outdoor running. Yay for getting fit!


2. Olive Garden

When deciding where to go for lunch it was essential we hit up an American restaurant. Sure I could have had my favourite Wendy’s or some Buffalo Wild Wings but these are things I can get in Canada anytime. To make the trip a true experience, Olive Garden was the perfect fit. In the end the breadsticks were too salty, the lettuce not completely fresh, and the three jumbo sausages in my meal were a bit too much so maybe I would have been better off with my usual go-tos. Yay for trying new (well not completely new since this is my 2nd time) things?


3. Walmart

A trip to the States would not be complete without a trip to Walmart. The deals are fantastic and the people even more mind-blowing. You know those Youtube videos that show crazy people in Walmart? Yeah I could probably have added a few more today. Now more about those deals… I was completely hooked on the alcohol section! Frozen drink mixes for $1.97!? Yes please! I also picked up the Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita in a tall boy can to give it a try. Interesting note – a tall boy can is humongous over there so it’s quite possible I may get drunk off of just one. Lots of groceries also made this trip worthwhile and I can’t wait to try out some of the “unique” items we picked up.


(This is actually at Wagmans but Walmart had the same sort of selection)

Overall as “different” as the States can be, I really enjoyed my time across the border. With country music & great alcohol I could almost see myself fitting in… but I love Canada too much!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend as much as I did! =)

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