Sauce it Up - Crockpot Style

As I often express, the crockpot is an amazing creation and I would use it every single night if I had the patience to look up new and interesting recipes. I don’t have patience, as my mom would attest to, but one thing I have learned from a few experiments here and there is that you really can try throwing anything in and you will more than likely end up with a genius and delicious creation. That being said I wouldn’t suggest throwing in rotten vegetables or moldy bread but hey, maybe that’s a recipe I missed somewhere.

The easiest way to experiment with the Crockpot is with different sauces. Throw in a bottle of BBQ sauce or your favourite seasoning with your favourite meat (mine being chicken) and your pretty much guaranteed some melt in your mouth deliciousness. We’ve done the typical BBQ sauces, coca cola, or beer but tonight I tried something outside of the normal recipe comfort zone; Swiss Chalet Sauce! I am a Swiss Chalet sauce lover to the max so the idea of chicken soaked in this sauce was only the best idea I have ever thought of. The result? Just proof that experimentation is key and that any sauce will work.

Here’s the recipe:


  • 2 pieces of chicken breast (skinless & boneless)
  • 1 package of Swiss Chalet sauce
  • 2 cups of water


1. Put chicken in crockpot

2. Mix sauce in separate bowl until blended well (there will still be a few bits)

3. Pour sauce over chicken and cook on low for 8 hours


I definitely suggest making sure there is enough water for the chicken. I used less than 2 cups and it was completely soaked up by the time I got home for work. Although the chicken was delicious it was a little drier than the chicken normal is when cooked in the Crockpot.

If you’re a Swiss Chalet sauce lover like me I definitely suggest this. If not, try one of your favourite sauces to give yourself a new and easy go-to recipe.

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