A Dangerous Addiction

Thanks to the blogging community, from time to time I find a hidden gem. A sale, an app, or in this case a very addicting website, there is so much to discover. Ladies and maybe a few gentleman let me share the love… Welcome to Wanelo.

I can’t remember exactly what blog introduced me to this site but I don’t know whether to say thank you or I hate you. For now I’ll go with the first one but if this addiction doesn’t quit soon we may have an issue. At least my bank account may.


Wanelo is kind of like Pinterest but for products. It’s a place to share clothes, jewelry, neat gadgets and all sorts of stuff that you think are totally awesome. Luckily for me I am not totally on board with online shopping just yet but I can see it become a new love of mine.  See, when I shop in store I tend to be extremely picky, especially regarding the fit of clothing, so I don’t know how well online shopping would work for me. If I can just get over that, Wanelo will be heavenly.

Here are a few of my favourites from the past week:


(1) Victoria Secret Bathing Suit (2) MLB love shirt (3) Underwear drawer organizer.

For those of you who like to save money like me, there’s an app that’s the perfect pair.


How often have you fallen in love with an item only to cry later when you see the price? All the time people! This app allows you to tag the item and the site will let you know when it goes on sale. You can request three different options; when it goes on sale, when it’s at least 25% off, and when it’s at least 50% off. Amazinggg! If a product goes down in price I see it as fate, and you can’t test fate girls! Buy this item right away.

Happy online shopping y’all!

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