Lessons Learned

I was never a big fan of school but I love to learn!  There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t learn something new. It could be the simplest little fact or something that is life changing, but these facts and lessons are what make life so interesting.  Here are some of the lessons life has thrown at me recently:

1. Never get married and if you do then go for it but elope. Just kidding mom! But seriously, weddings as beautiful and wonderful as they are, are wayy to expensive!

2. Never believe a groundhog. Early spring? My ass!


Excuse my confused face. This was taken the 2nd day of Spring.

3. Kids (although I highly doubt any kids read my blog), when your mom says wear your hat? Do it! Apparently windy weather can cause some mean ear aches. Weird eh?

4. Try new things! I tried a dance class I never thought I’d do and I absolutely love it. A little courage goes a long way.

5. Don’t stress the little things. If you go through life with a smile I’ll betcha you’ll enjoy it just a little more.

Let me remind you, I’m no life expert here but I try. What’s something you’ve learned recently?

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