High Five Friday

Can you believe March is almost over!? This year is really flying by, although the weather seems hesitant to go with the flow. What was meant to be the first week of Spring really didn’t look much different than the whole month has been. Lack of good weather is a bummer but I didn’t let that get me down this week. Here’s a few of my favourite moments:
1. My beautiful co-worker and good friend is getting married in May and this past weekend was her wedding shower. It was an amazing celebration and I can’t wait for her big day.
2. I had my first trip to Target and although it was hardly what I expected I did buy a new top. Mission accomplished?
3.. My camera is back in action! I haven’t been able to use my camera since the summer and wasn’t sure why it wasn’t working. After a few experiments I finally figured out it was the battery and with a new one in stow, be ready for picture overload.
4. We finally received our gifts from the Blue Jays and although the jacket is not for me I couldn’t wait to try it on. 
5. Much needed dinner with one of my besties. Catch up sessions are key and Swiss Chalet isn’t so bad either.
Apparently I’m loving the thumbs up this week… Happy Easter Everyone!

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