A to Z of Being Me : E is for Eating…in a picky way

When I realized this week is the letter E I was not too thrilled. What words come to mind when I think of E? Well there’s a bunch. E is for Elephant, which I would say I can’t really relate to although they are such an interesting and amazing animal. E is for Eggs, which I hate. E is for English, which I speak but that’s not very exciting. Yikes, these are plain right terrible. What in the world do I actually like and relate to that starts with E!? Oh right… only my favourite activity in the whole wide world. EATING!

I love to eat and I’d say I do it well. I also happen to be a very picky eater which is one of my more annoying traits. Foods that look weird, smell weird, or have a weird texture are not for me. Here’s the short list of foods I am not a fan of and usually get weird looks about:


Peanut Butter – It’s definitely the smell that puts me off but I did take the brave step once to take a taste test. I was not impressed. This is probably the food I get the most questions about. “How can you NOT like peanut butter!?” “Are you allergic to nuts?” “Are you crazy!?” … No folks, I just don’t like it. Wish I did, but I don’t.

Mushrooms – I can’t even have mushrooms touch the foods I eat. Gross! This one is more of a texture problem I have and the taste just doesn’t do it for me either.

Eggs – This pickiness makes it really difficult to go to breakfast diners. Most big meals, which a pig like me would adore, include eggs. Why can’t I just be normal?

Coffee – This one is rough. There are days I need nothing more than a cup of Timmies but I can’t even down a few sips. I tried the whole coffee and hot chocolate mix dulling down the taste but it was still too strong for me. Taste buds, smarten up! I need this one.

Mcdonaldspizzaspaghetti with meat sauce11cadbury-dairy-milk-v2

Now lets talk about foods I do like because besides me being a picky eater there are tons of them! I love dessert of any kind. Cake, Brownies, Cookies…Mm Mm Mm. Baking may take patience but it is so worth it! I love pasta & pizza and swear I should have been born Italian. These two are more often than not the reason I fail at diets. I love chicken wings, but only boneless ones. I love chocolate in many forms, and candy just the same.  I really love fast food and Wendy’s or McDonalds are a must have at least once a week. Basically, like most human beings, I love anything that’s not good for me.

Now I have to stop stop while I’m ahead because this post is seriously making me hungry! I could totally order a pizza right now, but I won’t. Happy Eating Y’all

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