High …. Friday

I am always so excited when Friday hits. Whether it’s been a long week, short week, or somewhere in between it is the most amazing feeling to know that two days off are ahead. This weekend is going to be a low key beauty, despite the fact that it’s St. Patties. Call me old, I know, but this year we will be skipping the celebrations for some much needed down time. This seems fitting after a very uneventful week. So uneventful in fact, that I couldn’t think of a couple highlights yet alone five. So I’ve decided to take a different approach.

When flipping through the photos on my phone I realized I’m a bit of a tourist in my own city. I stop, mid tracks to take pictures of all the things Toronto has to offer. Let me be more specific, I take lots of photos of the highest point in my city, hence high Friday. This, to those who are not so familiar with Toronto, is the CN Tower.


It really is such a cool building but sometimes it gets forgotten when you see it day after day. It becomes normal, and not so exciting anymore. But it is exciting! It makes me smile when I see tourists looking up in awe of how big it really is because once upon a time that was me. Kids get a huge kick out of it and the excitement in their faces makes me remember that I’m lucky to see this hunk of a building every single day. We really should take some time every day to really see what’s around you, it’s kind of awesome.

This being said, there is no chance I will be going to the CN tower anytime soon as it’s a pricey visit. For tourists, I totally say it’s a must but once you’ve done it once… well that’s enough.

If you’re on the adventurous side (and have spare cash) there is always the CN tower edge walk. It looks pretty awesome but I’ll pass.

Have a safe but rowdy St Pattie’s Y’all!!

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