To the gym I go!

There’s no way to make a gym bag seem classy even if there are a ton of cute bags out there. If you really think about it, the main main purpose of this bag is to transfer stinky shoes, sweaty clothes, and a few other not so glamorous bits and pieces. My gym bag sure gets its use for all of those things but yeah it is pretty cute.

Here’s a look inside my gym bag. I did zero preparation so really, it’s a free for all folks.


1. My gym shoes - These shoes rock my socks! (no pun intended?). A Zumba instructor of mine suggested these and they are the best shoe purchase I have ever made. They are light, ultra comfy, and help me bounce around in both cardio and strength classes. I would recommend these for everyone and anyone who spends a lot of time in fitness classes.

2. Bottle of Water - Obviously a vital part of any workout. Surprisingly enough I still manage to forget this more times than not. Hence the toonie, I always have money just in case.

3. Lock for my locker

4. Tic Tacs - I bring these with me everywhere! Never know when your breath may not be at its greatest and when you’re breathing like a mad woman it’s probably best to keep it in check.

5. Hair ties/Bobby Pins

6. Face wipes – I found when I was working out a lot and not using these, my face really broke out. I can’t say I have a baby smooth face but it does seem to help a bit.

7. Body Spray – Sweat Pea – My favourite bath and body works scent

8. Dirty socks (told you it’s not glamorous)

Just the basics with a few twists. Gymming is no rocket science.

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