It is no secret that I am just a tad bit obsessed with Pinterest. It’s full of endless possibilities and quite a few unobtainables, but dreaming is totally healthy. Like that big mansion-esque bathroom with an in-ground bathtub or the dream vacation which probably costs like half of my yearly salary. Sure I know I will probably never have these things, but boy are they awesome to look at.

I’ve heard it’s important to share your dreams, so here’s just a few (the extremely short list) of my favourite completely attainable dreams from the week:

Popsiclesegg cakeNail Polish Remover Pump

1) Gummy bear popsicles.

2) Mini Egg Brownies

3) Nail polish remover in a pump bottle

And a totally true quote to finish it off….


True story! There’s not a day that goes by without singing to myself after someone mentions a certain word or situation. Music pretty much rules our worlds.

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