Baseball Themed Affair

When I think of a baseball game there are so many fun and exciting things to be enjoyed. There’s your typical stadium foods, loud sounds, and  busy surroundings. There’s also the sexy men in tight pants, how could we forget that now ladies? For the non-baseball fans out there it also means 9 long innings of a sport that isn’t always the most thrilling, but believe me when I say with practice you can definitely come to love it.

Annually I plan a group outing to a baseball game in the city I know and love. This year, paired with a pre-drink at our place, it turned out to be a huge success. I can only speak for myself but I think everyone had a great time. Here are some of the baseball themed ideas I used for this special event.

1. Ticket Tags – Being a sucker for organization a seating plan is key in my eyes. I made these tags using computer paper and a red marker in literally 10 minutes max. Easy and efficient.


2. Baseball themed decorations – Our team is blue so I used as many blue and baseball themed decorations as possible.

3. Hot dogs in the Crockpot – AMAZING! Cannot tell you how happy I was with how these turned out. Easiest meal  (and the only meal) for a large group I have ever made. Throw them in on low for 4 hours and perfection. Only downfall was we ended up wasting  a lot and now we’re stuck with a whole lot of hot dog buns. Any recipe ideas folks?


4. Jello shots – A vital part of any pre-drink. I was planning on making all blue, but due to a lack of blue jello at all surrounding stores, I made half blue and half red (we were playing the Red Sox). They turned out great! When searching for blue recipes I found a million different jello shot recipes out there and I can’t wait to experiment with more.


5. Baseball cupcakes – White icing and red icing for the stitching of the “baseball”. Plain and simple (although I failed so my bestie did it for me).

6. Lots of amazing people =) – Made the night what it was

I have a new obsession with planning now and I’m already thinking of another event… stay tuned.

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