Official Zumba Instructor

I love Zumba. I love the dancing, the music, and the fun I have at each and every class. I love Zumba so much that a few years back I went to get my Zumba instructor’s certificate. When you love something so much it only makes sense to try and get paid for doing it right? Well that’s what I thought. I imagined teaching Zumba classes at night and becoming a star instructor just like my favourite instructors had inspired me to be. Two years later and I still hadn’t taught one single class. I was scared but mostly unwilling to spend the money on my CanFit Pro in order to teach in the major gyms. It didn’t make sense to put down more money without the guarantee of teaching so I went on with being an attendee and not a leader.

A month or so ago during a social committee meeting for my condo building it was decided we would host a Zumba class. Me, with the big mouth that I have, mentioned my love and qualifications with Zumba and was automatically signed up to teach the class. I can’t explain the nerves I had or the anxiety this caused me. I’ve been doing Zumba for years but the thought of actually teaching was terrifying. When it came to Thursday night, the big day, I was dancing around my condo trying to shake all the excitement and nerves that faced me. 7pm hit and I taught my first ever Zumba class.


I was quickly reminded exactly why I took the instructor’s course in the first place. I love Zumba and I want to share that love with everyone and anyone who will listen and participate. We all had a blast and sweat like crazy and all those pre-teaching jitters I had seemed completely silly. I’m a Zumba instructor at heart and have finally taken the first steps to making it happen.

More classes to come? I definitely think so! Zumba is one of my passions & I can’t imagine giving up on it now.

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