Tweet Tweet. It’s Twitter Tuesday.

I decided to devote a post to Twitter and call it Twitter Tuesday. Unique much? Not quite. But to be honest I don’t fully understand or take advantage of the Twitter craze. If I were to rank my social networks it would look a little like this:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. Twitter

I know a lot of people have fallen off of the Facebook trend but I still find it the best place to creep those I know and love, as well as those I barely talk to anymore (nothing like blunt honesty right?). Instagram comes in close second but usually has quite a few duplicates from Facebook. And last place goes to Twitter, the unknown world for me.

Here are my favourite tweets I posted this week:




Analyzing my tweets I think I may be the most boring person to follow. Baseball obsessed much? Seems like it. Note to self, make your posts more interesting or you will never be followed. It’s kind of strange how this world has changed. Pretty sure when I was younger the idea of someone following you was pure creepy & disturbing, but now it’s perfectly normal and ideal.

The worst part of my lack of twitter knowledge is that my boyfriend is a complete twitter addict! We are waiting for the elevator, he is on twitter. We are watching the ball game, he is on twitter. We are laying in bed, he is on twitter… You get the point. How can someone I love so much be so completely opposite to me in social networking patterns? Oh right, because he’s a boy and Twitter is the sports social networking hub. Holy updates on any team at any time.

So my question is Twitter, what is in it for me? Right now you don’t offer me much. I get the odd Blue Jays update, a few tweets from my favourite bloggers, and a picture here and there from my Celebrity favs but I could live without those.

Oh twitter, please help me understand you. I’m not even new anymore! #twitterconfused #Help!

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