High Five for Friday


Happy best day of the work week! It’s been a great couple weeks filled with new experiences and reunited loves (aka baseball). Here are just a few my favourite highlights from the last 2 weeks:

(1) Blue Jays Home Opener


(2) Group baseball game – Baseball, booze & Besties…enough said


Mmmm Jello Shots

(3) Food and Drink show – lots of curry, strawberry daiquiris and trying new foods. I loved it! Definitely will keep my eye out for more of these.


Blurry much? And I wasn’t even drunk!

(4) American Country Music Awards  - YAYYYY Luke! Any extended period of time watching this handsome man is fine with me. Oh and he won Entertainer of the Year! No Luke, you shake it for me!


I just wanna give him a big hug!

(5) I taught my first Zumba class! This is a hugeee accomplishment for me and totally deserves its own post (keep your eye out for this sometime soon). I was nervous like crazy but I really love it and can’t wait to do it again. There’s a reason I took my course & I’ve finally realized I can do it!

Have a safe & happy weekend everyone! I have some family time in the plans and can’t wait!

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