Where were you when…

This is a question that will always be asked when any big event occurs. Where were you when 911 happened? Where were you when (insert famous person) died? and of course, just yesterday, where were you when the Boston Marathon bombings happened? None of these events affect me directly, but the whole world feels the effects.

I wasn’t planning on discussing the tragic events that happened yesterday but after a day of vegging on my couch watching the news, how could I not?

Where was I when I heard about the Boston Marathon? I was at work checking twitter about the news that Jay’s shortstop Jose Reyes may have a shorter recovery time. I was excited about this and couldn’t wait to share the news with my co-workers, actually so excited that the tweets regarding explosions and tragedy somehow seemed to pass me by. It wasn’t until I got home and saw the TV that I realized just how serious this was. All night, through twitter, my boyfriend kept me posted as the news trickled in.

I will keep my opinions short, as I’m sure that everyone share the same anger and disappointment as I do.  I’m sure everyone could vent about what happened but there is no reason to focus on the negativity of this tragedy as that is what the sick sick people who did this would want. Instead lets help those in need during this time. Please visit Peanut Butter Fingers’  blog where she outlines possible ways to help during Boston’s time of need.


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