A to Z of Being Me : B is for Boyfriend

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. It seems this post couldn’t come at a more stereotypical time but I swear I didn’t time it like this. Just so happens we are on the letter B and the first and most important thing that comes to mind is my darling boyfriend. He’s kind of special, no big deal.

Let me present the stud I call my own….


I’m a lucky girl eh? But seriously, I am. I could get all sappy and tell you the things I love about him but let’s be real, nobody really wants to hear that except maybe him.

We’ve been together over a year now and have known each other even longer. I would love to tell your our love story but he would probably kill me. Apparently it’s embarrassing for him or something? I don’t see it but I’ll be kind. After all, it is the day of love. Hey, maybe if I’m lucky he’ll let me share it one day.

For now I will share one story though, one that he cannot possible be mad at me for. This is the story of how I fell in love:

We’d been friends for a long time (insert so-called embarrassing stories) and had started spending even more time together. I always imagined us as just friends until the day he met my cousin. What is is about a guy who’s good with kids? Total turn on right? Well it did it for me. Suddenly I saw a new light and these unknown feelings appeared. It wasn’t until a little later I was able to admit it but boy am I glad I did.

Doesn’t a story look so much more legit in italics?

Everyone has a special someone in their lives. Whether it’s a boyfriend, friend, family, you name it, this day is to celebrate them and the love you share. Cheers to those wonderful people and cheers to all you wonderful bloggers.

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