A to Z of Being Me: D is for Dougie

This one’s going to be a little embarrassing folks, but I didn’t start this blog to lie to you.

So you may be wondering who Dougie is, especially those who know me. Well he’s not a friend, or a family member, or pet. Truth is Dougie isn’t really alive. Dougie, my friends, is my stuffed animal. Laugh away folks, because yes as a woman in my twenties I still sleep with a stuffed animal. Well guess what? I don’t care if that makes me weird. It ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

In my defense, as per a trusty source, it turns out that 35% of adults admit to the same guilty pleasure as I do. Better yet one in four men admit to taking a stuffed animal with them on their business trips. I’m not alone! So let me introduce you to Dougie:


I was kindly given Dougie by my boyfriend as a random present. Since he was at school hours away it was his way of being there with me when he couldn’t be in real life. Cheesy I know, but I loved it and Dougie became part of my world. I still sleep with Dougie even though me and my boyfriend live together now. It’s not a security thing but sleeping without him just feels uncomfortable. I need something to hug and as much as I love my boyfriend he moves and makes a little more noise (big time snorer!) than this little guy.

As long as I can remember I’ve always slept with a stuffed animal. When I was younger it was Flopsy, a bunny my aunt gave me as a kid. Until I was given Dougie, Flopsy was my go-to at night. Flopsy was wearing down like any stuffed animal eventually would. It was really important for me to make sure it didn’t fall apart as that bunny has a whole lot of meaning behind it. Cue Dougie.

I’m sure one day I might grow out of this, but until then I will sleep well with my dog by my side.

Anyone else want to confess? I’m sure there’s some teddy huggers out there.

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Magical Day Dream said...

Haha cute! I don't really sleep with my stuffed animals, but I have plenty of imaginary friends ;) I have a little stuffed piglet and a monkey and a monster