High Five Fridays

So a lot of blogs I follow share their five highlights of the week every Friday. I am joining the trend so sit back and enjoy my reminiscing.BlogN1BlogN2

1. Dinner date night – I love me some carbs, candles, boyfriend cuddling and the most romantic part of all – Nashville on the TV. Who said romance was dead?

2. A REAL date night – Some Swiss Chalet and a nice winter walk.

3. My man loves himself some chicken wings and he’s so adorable with sauce all over his face.

4. IKEA magazine came in the mail! I’m so excited! I’m reading it in small portions so I don’t finish it all at once. It’s like a book to me. A beautiful, dream-filled book.

5. Cupcake baking…self explanatory.

Have yourselves a fabulous weekend!


Jane said...

All of these things!! Yum, yum and fun. Have you ever gone on a date to IKEA? Those are the best.


Kim U said...

Ikea is so much fun I would definitely consider it date-worthy! Cheap food, amazing furniture, and even a bit of exercise (hello crazy amounts of walking). Think it's time for a visit.