I see blue, white, and a little red maple leaf

Where would I see such a thing? Only my darling Toronto Blue Jays. We didn’t really see them per say, as the season doesn’t start to April. We did get our first taste of what’s in store for the 2013 season though and let me tell you, the taste is sweet!

We didn’t expect much, just a pleasant night out and a little question and answer period ,but boy was I pleasantly surprised. Unlimited drinks, unlimited food, and a 40% off sale in the Jay’s shop! If acquiring those big names in the off season didn’t already make me love them more, you know free stuff sure does the trick. Blue Jays, you stole my heart.


Now for the question and answer period; the “real” reason we were there. I’m not the most educated when it comes to baseball so I just sat, smiled, and listened. Sure I understand what’s going on, but I’m more in it for the action. I’d love to share my thoughts but I’m definitely not a sports writer so I won’t even attempt it. For example, if you asked me my thoughts on JP Arencibia? I’d probably go on about how cute he is, his awesome taste in intro music, and how active he is on twitter. See, not quite sports writer material.

For those fans out there who want the real baseball news from last night check out Drunk Jays Fans which is an amazing blog for Toronto sports fans. I’m a newly addicted reader and they definitely do a better job of breaking it down than I ever could.


Must say this is the best Tuesday night since I can remember AND I bought a new shirt. Absolutely successful night on the whole. Spring Training, lets do this! Go JAYS Go!

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