Tomorrow is Monday…

And every Monday I say the exact same thing… diet starts now! Back to myfitnesspal, back to less pop, and back to exercising. As my goal is to be in better shape by July for my 5k race this is important. I know that if I stuck to my Monday plan this would be also be possible. But by Friday afternoon it sounds more like this… “Wait, what did I say Monday?”

So I’ve decided to pump myself, and hopefully my fellow bloggers, up for the week. I will pick a quote that speaks to me and aim to follow it for 7 whole days. Not 3. Not 4 and 1/2. 7 WHOLE days!

This week is about changing the trend. Change is good my friends. Just do it!

Inspirational Quote

Here’s to a good week. Cheers!

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Susannah said...

Good luck this week! You can do it!