Recipe for a Girl’s Night In

When the boy is away the girls will play or just gossip like we haven’t seen each other in years. I can never turn down a girl’s night. Whether we are staying in or going out, I love them! So this weekend I had my girl’s over and we spent the night in.

Let me share my recipe for success. Now I know every girl has their own idea of the perfect night but I must say ours was pretty fabulous.


  • 4 wonderful girls
  • Lots of candy including fun dip, nerds, and ring pops just to name a few
  • Pizza & chicken wing bites
  • Wine, Coolers & Vodka
  • Enough to talk about for days on end


  • HAVE FUN!!


It’s not about what you do but rather who you’re with. I wasn’t sure if we’d watch chick flicks or who knows what but I wasn’t concerned, I knew we would have fun. In the end all we did was chat all night long and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my girls!

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