High Five Friday

Happy “family day weekend” Friday everyone! Woah, that’s a mouthful. For most Canadians, this is definitely something to celebrate, seeing as it means 3 full days of weekend bliss. I have a little overtime to do but I will still be sure to make the most of the extra time off.

Now for five highlights from the last week and a bit – it’s been a good one!


I’ve become a bit of a homebody and Friday’s always mean Friday night hang outs. We watch our shows, usually chow down on something delicious, and overall just enjoy each other’s company. The weeks are busy so it’s the perfect time for us to spend time together. What better way to do this then to share a whole cake? Whoops. Oink Oink.



Girl’s night in!


We got lots of snow last week! It’s the most we’ve seen in ages. I’m talking people stopping on the highway to shovel themselves out and a girl cross country skiing down the sidewalk kind of snow. Who knew these storms were even possible anymore. But now its right back to global warming, which means rain which eventually turns to slush which eventually turns to ice. It’s a vicious, dirty, cycle. Spring, get your ass over here!


Four & Five

I know I said it was a good week and I wasn’t lying, but a lot of it all came from Valentine’s day. So I’ve given this special day two numbers. This was our first Valentine’s actually spent together and my honey surprised me with tickets to Safe Haven, oh and this bundle of joy. Emotional me actually got choked up by the 6am surprises and it was an amazing start to a fantastic day.

Isn’t he adorable!?

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Every time I visit your blog I get SO jealous of that Luke Bryan picture ;)
The picture of that snow is so pretty - I've never seen it!

happy long weekend to you!

Jess @ SomeSnapshots said...

Woohoo- long weekend! My boyfriend took today (Friday) off but weirdly federal gov't workers (at least in ON) don`t get family day off- so we had a different long weekend. Hope you have a great family day weekend!