The A to Z of Being Me - A

So I’ve seen this around in some fashion or another and loved the idea of opening myself up to all of y’all. I am a little upset the alphabet starts with A as it took me ages to decide on a topic but I settled, and I’ll give you my two cents on something near and dear to my heart…my Android.


This right here is my baby. Not mine specifically, as I got this picture off of Google, but close enough. Only real difference is that my Android has a pretty pink case.

I’m a true Android fan. I will fight the android vs. Iphone battle to no end. I’m sure there’s many Iphone users out there ready to fight me on this one but I truly believe the Android is the better phone. Whether it the sleek look, or the vast amount of free apps (that cost money for Apple users) there’s a million and one reasons I love this phone. I have had no issues with my phone that weren’t self inflicted. This being said, I am not the best mom to this baby. A few months ago I had a little incident and dropped it on it’s face. Rough times eh? The result was devastating and cost me pretty badly. I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve killed my phone but I am known to use and abuse. Two time toilet dropper here, but both those phones survived. People say I should get an otter box, but it’s so big and bulky I just couldn’t do it. I’ll just have to be more cautious in the future.

So here’s the beginning of my story. Hopefully I can find something a little more interesting for the letter B so stay tuned!

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